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Welcome to our Chiropractor Blog: The Smith Report!  The postings are intended to be informative, educational and encouraging.  I hope you find the blog as a resource for your health and wellness goals!  The blog is maintained by Dr. Michael S. Smith, DC of the Dwight Pain & Injury Center with links to Chiro25, Ltd. for some topics of interest. Chiropractor in Dwight Illinois.


(4/27/18 Blog Entry) Dwight Massage:  Massage and Your Mood.   Physical touch therapies are believed to release mood altering chemicals in the body (endorphins, enkephalons) that may effect negative thoughts, stress and depression-type feelings. To learn more about Massage and Your Mood click here  

(4/25/18 Blog Entry) Joliet Weight Loss: Weight Loss Barrier.  Weight loss barriers are common during a journey of successful weight loss.  To learn more about weight loss barriers click here

Muscle Health & Wellness Parts 1-3 of 3 (Published 7/12/17, 7/18/17, & 7/24/17)

Muscles, joints and the nervous system work together! We can talk about them as separate parts and look at pictures showing them as individual, but they function together as a team to perform movement during our daily activities and athletic endeavors.  

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Why's and When's of Massage (Coming Soon)

Why do people get Massages? When do people get massages? Coming Soon