Sport Performance Enhancement

Peak Performance


We know the importance of winning! You have to be at your best, and DPIC uses specialized chiropractic, physical therapy, kinesio taping, sports massage, therapeutic cupping, dry needling, custom foot orthotics, and strength & conditioning to maximize your performance all season long... not just when you are injured!  We both want you victorious, healthy and at Peak Performance!  

Dr. Smith has been working with athletes of all ages since 1997 when he worked as an intern in the Palmer College of Chiropractic Clinic - Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Department while still a chiropractic student.

Sports Massage & Dry Needling


Muscles are hard at work when an athlete trains and competes and DPIC provides Sports Massage to keep those muscles healthy and limber all season long for all the big games!  Dry needling is a fast and effective remedy for tight, painful, and knotted muscles when massage time is not available.

Taping & Cupping Therapy


Kinesio Taping helps support muscles and stabilize joints for enhanced sports performance.  The taping can help prevent injury and aid in injury recovery. Cupping provides decompression (negative pressure) to break scar tissue, increase blood flow, and boost healing and recovery between competitions.   Taping and cupping are simple, safe and effective additions to your athletic regimen to give you an edge above your opponent... just like the professional and olympic athletes.

Chiropractic Physical Therapy


Properly functioning muscles and joints of the spine, arms and legs are a must to endure the athletic season with all it's practices and games. The chiropractic adjustment quickly and uniquely aligns the spine, arm and leg joints for proper movement, health, performance, and injury prevention.  Many college, semi-professional, and professional sports teams have a team chiropractor along side the athletic trainer, physical therapist, and team medical orthopedic surgeon. 

Custom Foot Orthotics


Our custom foot orthotics are built from raw materials to properly support each foot for maximum sport potential.  The feet are the base of the body and if they don't perfectly soften to absorb shock when they hit the ground and then perfectly tighten back up to push off with, your performance is likely suffering.  We can check your feet and get you properly supported for your best this season and beyond!

Injury Prevention & Recovery


DPIC offers comprehensive athlete assessments to find problem areas before  they become injured.  Contacting us prior to the season for an assessment is best to avoid injuries, however we are here to help whenever it is best for you.  Our wide choice of services are designed to improve your level of performance whether it's before, during or after an injury!  We take great pride in returning athletes to their best as quickly as possible and keeping them competitive when injury strikes.

Sports Acupuncture Video

Check out this great video about athlete care using acupuncture.  Also, click here to check out our acupuncture page.